7 months. 115 classes. 172.5 hours. 10,350 minutes of Bikram yoga.

Here are some things I’ve noticed that perhaps you’re becoming a modern day yogi/ini:

  • A hydroflask is the best gift you’ve gotten all year
  • You fall into the first stage of “standing head to knee” pose when you put on your socks
  • You’ve taken two classes in a 12 hour timeframe
  • Going to the grocery store after class can feel sort of like a pilgrimage to a holy site
  • You know when the local Lululemon adds items to its collection
  • You know where to buy yoga clothes besides Lululemon
  • You bump into fellow yogis from your studio while shopping for spirulina
  • You eagerly anticipate the next issue of Yoga Journal magazine
  • You know what “Namaste” means and use it to sign off on your work emails
  • You don’t know what exactly the soap used in the studio is made up of but you use it anyway
  • You’ve considered becoming a vegan
  • Your mat starts to smell
  • You’ve watched at least one movie about yoga
  • You’ve put the heat and hot shower on to the max in your apartment to try and replicate a Bikram yoga class through the stereo because you couldn’t make it to the studio
  • Your feet/toes start to look like little hands

(Yes, those are my feet. I’m sorry.)

Your contributions welcome below.