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7 months. 115 classes. 172.5 hours. 10,350 minutes of Bikram yoga.

Here are some things I’ve noticed that perhaps you’re becoming a modern day yogi/ini:

  • A hydroflask is the best gift you’ve gotten all year
  • You fall into the first stage of “standing head to knee” pose when you put on your socks
  • You’ve taken two classes in a 12 hour timeframe
  • Going to the grocery store after class can feel sort of like a pilgrimage to a holy site
  • You know when the local Lululemon adds items to its collection
  • You know where to buy yoga clothes besides Lululemon
  • You bump into fellow yogis from your studio while shopping for spirulina
  • You eagerly anticipate the next issue of Yoga Journal magazine
  • You know what “Namaste” means and use it to sign off on your work emails
  • You don’t know what exactly the soap used in the studio is made up of but you use it anyway
  • You’ve considered becoming a vegan
  • Your mat starts to smell
  • You’ve watched at least one movie about yoga
  • You’ve put the heat and hot shower on to the max in your apartment to try and replicate a Bikram yoga class through the stereo because you couldn’t make it to the studio
  • Your feet/toes start to look like little hands

(Yes, those are my feet. I’m sorry.)

Your contributions welcome below.


It’s zucchini week.

Zucchini “french fries” have already been rejected. “Mommy, these are too spicy for me.” (Note to self – do not use thai red chili flakes on toddler zucchini “french fries”)


And wow, I’m so glad that I bought this 8-ball zucchini at the farmer’s market on Sunday. You know, because when you are a full-time working single mom, you have so much time to artfully prepare a stuffed 8 ball zucchini squash between 6:00pm – 6:15pm on Tuesday evening.

But you know what, if Tinker Bell can craft aerodynamic pom-poms for her shoes┬áthen I can make a magnificent Tuesday night feast – that will probably not be eaten because it is not mac and cheese.

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